Flashing Into 2.0

Are you wanting a “flashing” intro? This intro can be used with a logo appearing in with text to follow or you can just simply have text appearing in. Near the end of the intro there is a flash. Originally launched on July 19th, 2014 I’ve always thought, how could I make this better? After a little over two years I’ve came up with a great remodel. I’ve added movement to the lights and incorporated a secondary flash. As well as an updated font. It’s now timed so that when the logo or first line of text is revealed, the first flash happens and is hovering the logo or first line of text, then the secondary flash is hovering and flashes when the second line of text is revealed. I’ve additionally, added some lighting artifacts to brighten up the image a little more. Furthermore, theres a brand new intro song: “Brixton Shrine” By Jukedeck  “Intro Music From Jukedeck – Create Your Own at http://tinyly.xyz/Juke”.

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